1. Overheard at a Long Beach Coffee Shop

    Man on Bluetooth, drinking coffee with a Quran spread open on the table: I had an auntie once, she lived in Bakersfield, I called her Dirty. My grandma, she hated me for that, and one day she heard me call my auntie Dirty and she went ballistic. The problem is, my grandma, she don't speak at all--I mean she literally couldn't speak--so she had to write everything down. So she had all this paper she write stuff down on. And when I called her Dirty she started writing it down all angry like. It was like all caps and it say: BOY I TELL YOU -- Page 2-- YOU BETTER WATCH--Page 3--WHAT YOU SAY--Page 4--OR IM GONNA--Page 5--WHOOP YOU. Only thing was, see, I couldn't read no good back then, so I'd always have to ask my cousin and say 'hey cuz, what's grandma tryna say to me.'


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    Lmao this is ignorant af…blog of the day lol
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